Update 002

Further to previous communications I would like to update you on collections and deliveries during these trying times.

We are in close contact with our carriers and they all confirm that Courier and Freight services have been classified essential services and will continue with collections and deliveries. This is obviously a situation that can change on a daily basis and we will update you as and when new information comes to light. This situation may also change state by state depending on the state decisions on recommendations to businesses.

To reiterate the process for pick ups and deliveries; drivers will not ask you to sign on their devices to acknowledge either a pick up or delivery, they will ask for your name and key it into the device themselves.  They will maintain  a 2 meter distance  from people when making collections or deliveries.

We are noticing that we are getting more requests for home deliveries  as more people are working from home. Please make sure that you use the relevant home addresses when making a booking for either collections or deliveries as trying to make changes  once the consignments are booked in requires a call to carriers and we are experiencing longer than usual phone waiting time from the carriers.

 We have not   seen any service disruptions to date and the carriers seem to be handling the changing environment extremely well. Please note as we go forward we will most likely see some service disruptions and we ask that you be patient while we try and resolve them.

International shipping is still happening in Europe, the UK, the US, most of Asia  and the rest of the world and the carriers are currently  providing collection and delivery services.

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