Date Published: 7 March 2019

Shipping Plan for Business – Part 1

If your business uses shipping to deliver goods worldwide or across town on a regular, or semi regular basis, it is important to create a courier services shipping plan to ensure a smooth and efficient experience throughout the process.

To create a shipping plan, first lay out the basics. What are your business shipping needs?


How much are you currently spending on courier services, shipping or mailing services a month? 

Are you logging into multiple courier websites to look for the best shipping rates?


How much real physical time does it take to process courier or shipping bookings for your business?

How much time do you spend corresponding with buyers, printing labels and handling customer queries and shipping queries with multiple courier companies?


What are you shipping? For example, documents, parcels, pallets and so on. What volume are you shipping? Hundreds of items per month, or one or two a week?


Where is it going (international or domestic)? How quickly does it need to get there? How often do you book shipments per week or month? No time?

Cut to the chase, give me a call today on 04999 14177 to discuss your shipping needs.



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