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Documents & Satchels

At World Options we partner with the world’s premium carriers and have negotiated the best possible rates, saving you the time and effort of searching and obtaining quotes from multiple carriers.

Our Economy Domestic and International Document and Satchel service offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to speed up your business without paying a  premium price for the service. It is the perfect solution for delivering certificates, contracts, documentation or cargo documents.

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Packets & Parcels & Cartons

If you are a business with Packets, Parcels or Cartons no matter the sieze or volume to deliver on a regular basis, we can help. 

You may think the volumes you send aren’t large enough to use an online system for. You may choose instead to use traditional mailing services, manual processing, or use a courier and pay high rates because of your low volume. If this happens several times a month you may want to consider the man hours involved in that approach.

We take the hassle out of time-consuming tasks by providing you with a streamlined shipping solution. We also partner with the world’s premium carriers and have negotiated the best possible rates for your deliveries.

An easy-to-use online system

When booking your freight, you simply input the weight, dimensions and address. It really is that easy! Commercial invoices and a certificate of origin aren't required for domestic shipments. For international exports, the correct documentation is essential for a smooth end-to-end shipment, World Options simplifies this process, making it just as easy as domestic shipments and just as quick to process.

Once you have chosen your courier and service, your freight will be collected by the carrier from your collection address and shipped to their destination. It really is that simple.

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Express Parcel

If you need a premium Express Parcel service for international and domestic shipments, then look no further. At World Options, we partner and integrate with the world’s premium carriers and have negotiated the best possible rates so you don’t have to.

Our Express Parcel Service offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to deliver more for less. We enable you to speed up your business, and at the same time reduce your damages and losses without paying a premium to do so.

Whether you’re sending prototypes, stock or samples, World Options Express Parcels get there faster.

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Do you need to arrange a pallet delivery or pallet courier service to another location in Australia or internationally? Perhaps you require machinery or warehouse goods to be transported? World Options can help you transport oversized pallets, half pallet or quarter sized pallet deliveries to thousands of locations across the globe.

This includes everything from personal and household effects to motor vehicles, auto car parts, antiques, furniture, plant machinery and industrial equipment. Using our dedicated network of air, sea and ground freight, we offer pickup and pallet deliveries for all major international destinations.

Pallets shipping online couldn't be simpler! All Domestic, International Economy and Express Worldwide destinations can be booked via the shipping portal and can be picked up on the same day. Request a pallet delivery quote and a member of our team will be in touch.

World Options recommends the following for protecting your goods:

  • Add load protector pads to the top and bottom of the pallet and corner or edge boards that run from top to bottom
  • Tightly shrink wrap your goods and add the correct labelling to the outer layer and all four sides. Pallets will be stacked unless specified
  • Use banding/strapping for extra stability
  • Ensure all items are drained or bagged before they are collected, leaking items will be held back or returned.

For international economy services contact us to get a pallet service quote from a World Options account manager, this normally takes around 24-48 hours, dependent upon availability. In most cases economy services use passenger airlines and are priced upon availability.

Other options available unless specified are as follows:

Multi pallet/groupage services

  • Tail lift deliveries
  • Handball at the point of delivery
  • Reverse and third-party pallet collections

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Larger Consignments - Road Express

Freight By Air - No Problem

Sea Freight - We know how
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We know you will likely have questions, we have answers to many of these.