What We Provide

Shipping made simple for all your courier services

We Are Pioneers

World Options offers unique software solutions that connect with the world’s leading courier services in a way that no other operational system does.

Our intelligent, industry-leading software offers a range of key features all designed to save our customers time and money, as well as provide the comparison services needed to make smarter, more efficient business decisions.

We Harness the Power of Bulk Buying

World Options offers you the chance to save time, money and energy on all of your parcel and courier service requirements.

With us, you can ship with the world’s largest carriers and get great courier rates at the same time, even if you consider yourself a low-volume business. 

We do that by harnessing the power of bulk buying; by becoming a World Options customer the savings we make with our large volume discounts are passed on.

We are Supportive

Our aim is to help companies improve their bottom line. Ultimately, this means we are dedicated to helping your business grow.

We want to assist you to take back control and avoid unnecessary headaches caused by logistics and shipping by using our comparison services to find a delivery service that suits your needs.

We are Friendly

We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible in every interaction you have with our brand.

We also want you to feel like we are like a good friend that you can always rely on to help you move ahead in business.

We are Connected

World Options is made up of industry experts who have decades of experience in the courier services industry and have developed longstanding relationships with key figures within the world’s delivery service industry.

We are Empowering

Our services gives you the power to take back control of your logistics, transportation and courier service requirements. In small businesses in particular, this may once have been a significant cause of stress, but our solutions gives back your time and saves energy.

This in turn means you can dedicate more resource to other areas of the business, without having to worry about the bottom line.